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"The body is like an instrument; it depends who's playing it."  ~ F.M. Alexander



As musicians we spend a lot of time perfecting our musical skills. But what if all this effort was missing a vital, and indeed primary, element? We know we need to practice tone, finger technique, articulation, rhythm, phrasing, etc.; in our zeal to master each of these components we may forget the crucial and fundamental practice of how we use ourselves at our instruments. I'm not just talking about posture and position but how the intimate and indivisible connection between body and mind, feelings and beliefs, actions and reactions, comes together to make you the unique person and musician that you are.

The Alexander Technique is an educational method that helps you learn how to release excess tension and take advantage of the suppleness and strength of your innate wholeness in any activity. As your teacher, I strive to offer you a new experience of how you can enhance this connection within yourself, using gentle, communicative touch and guidance. We often explore simple movements in a lesson, like sitting and standing from a chair, in order to investigate alternate ways of thinking and moving in a low-pressure setting. The awareness you build over the course of these movement experiments can be applied to anything you want to do, including and especially making music. Instruments are always welcome!

"I love Emily's approach to teaching the Alexander Technique. Her warm personality and great sense of humor provide a clear and relaxed environment for the lessons and I always leave feeling lighter, more open, and very happy. Her innovative ideas and clear directions have given me tools to use in my own exercises outside the lessons. I constantly feel and hear the benefits of Emily's teaching in my flute playing and especially in performances, but perhaps more importantly, I am very aware of the ease and agility in my body and mind in all my daily activities."  ~ Julie, flutist and composer

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