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Useful AT Links

For more information about the Alexander Technique, certified teachers and classes in your area, visit the American Society for the Alexander Technique:

Did you know that nearly 20 countries boast their own Alexander organizations? Learn more about teachers around the world at the Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies website:


Find out more about the results of a major, randomized back pain study featuring the Alexander Technique in the British Medical Journal.

Reading Recommendations

Just starting your Alexander Technique reading list? Try:

  • How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live by Missy Vineyard: some of the clearest and most thoughtful writing about the Technique available; a great resource for finding out more about the ideas behind the work.
  • Skill for Life by Pedro de Alcantara: written with creativity, insight, and great good humor; entertaining and informative.

For Musicians and the Musically-Minded Alexander students, try:

  • Just Play Naturally by Vivian Mackie: reflections about Vivian's studies with Pablo Casals and their resonance with the Alexander Technique principles; great for anyone who's on a journey of discovery in any practice.
  • Indirect Procedures by Pedro de Alcantara: Pedro delves deeper into the ideas underpinning the technique, especially as they relate to musicians.
  • What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body by Barbara Conable: practical and whimsical anatomy information