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  • Preparation is key: be ready for your lesson by practicing and having all appropriate materials with you.
  • Music is a form of communication: keep your eyes and ears open for places to share your music with others. This can include a concert in your living room, playing at your place of worship, and performing in the studio recital.
  • Hearing other musicians is a great way to expand your musical horizons: seek out opportunities to hear live music of all genres. Listening to recordings is a good opportunity to hear some of the world's most famous performers and pieces.
  • Playing in ensemble with others is an important component of your musical education: find people to make music with in band, orchestra, and chamber music settings.
  • Playing with a pianist is essential for understanding the complete nature of your pieces for flute and keyboard. As you progress in your studies we'll work together to find an appropriate collaborator for your performances.
  • Have fun! Flute lessons are a great way to explore all the things you like about music and to take your skills to the next level. Always feel free to bring your ideas and interests to the lesson so we can work on the things that excite you.


Be on time for your lesson. This will ensure that you get the benefit of your full lesson time and that my schedule will run smoothly and efficiently. Regular flute lessons are important in encouraging practice routines and musical development; avoid scheduling other appointments during your lesson time.

If you need to miss a lesson, please give me advance notice (24 hours minimum). Lessons missed or cancelled by the student will not necessarily be able to be rescheduled but, with proper notification, I will do my best to find another time, especially in the cases of illness, family emergency, and extreme weather.

Occasionally I may need to miss our lesson appointment. In most cases I will be able to give you notice of a week or more so that we can reschedule. In the event that no alternate time can be found, the lesson will be credited to your next series.


Learning a musical instrument is an exercise in teamwork; this team includes the student, teacher, and parents. Parents can be a key part of a successful lesson experience by encouraging students in their practicing. Through addressing the topic of practicing in the lesson and at home, we can all ensure that the student makes the most of the learning opportunity presented in his or her lesson. Practice goals will be discussed with each student and included, with any assignments, in the lesson binder. Techniques for successful practicing will be an important part of our work together.

Required Materials

  • a flute in good working order
  • a cleaning rod and cloth
  • a music stand for practice at home
  • a metronome
  • a breathing bag (as needed)
  • sheet music and other materials as indicated by the instructor (photocopies are meant for temporary use only)
  • a lesson binder where the student can gather practice tips, assignments, and hand outs