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Emily Sapa has been teaching our daughter for almost two years, now. Our daughter has been taking lessons since she was in first grade and now is a senior in high school. After our beloved flute teacher passed away, sadly, we were so lucky to find Emily. Our daughter wanted to continue her flute education and has worked very hard with Emily. Emily has helped our daughter to further hone her skills, has encouraged her in a most professional way, helped her with her performance skills but always in a kind and fun manner. Emily’s initial guidelines helped to give our daughter more focus and something more to reach for. Our daughter took off musically and was able to earn first chair in the most advanced band at her high school. Our daughter now loves to practice and also has started to bring playing music into her social life as well! Emily has shown to be a real find in what I love about music. Emily has encouraged excellence, community and the love of music. Emily also has kindly directed smaller ensemble groups, with her students that encourages them to further in their musical journey, cooperation, blending, more acute tuning and listening skills! Thank You Emily for your hard work and your expertise, continually in a joyful and kind manner that you provide for our, children, families and community! Brava to you, Hands Down!!
— Victoria Y, El Cerrito, CA
We couldn’t be happier with Emily. She teaches my 7 year old daughter flute with patience, kindness and lots of fun. My daughter is making great progress and has come to love playing and practicing and no longer needs constant reminders. She even told me that her lessons with Emily are like a playdate for her.
— Amy G, El Cerrito, CA
Our daughter has been taking flute lessons with Emily for over two years. Since then she has grown so much as a flute player, and her interest in and love of music has deepened. Emily is a wonderful musician and teacher, and challenges our daughter with just the right pieces that keep her motivated, and wanting to learn more and to practice. Emily’s warm and upbeat personality makes each lesson a real pleasure for our daughter. Emily also offers all her students many opportunities throughout the year to play with other musicians and as a soloist — which have been great experiences for our daughter.
— Laurence D, El Cerrito, CA
Emily is the perfect flute teacher for my daughter. We began working with her in the summer when we hadn’t rented an instrument or even committed to playing the flute. From the start, Emily’s patience and calm won us over. She has an amazing way of gently encouraging my kid to work hard - she really wants to impress Emily at weekly lessons. She is really good at teaching and plans each lesson carefully, tailoring each lesson to my kid. She uses stickers and worksheets as incentives, but the most wonderful thing is that my kid is learning to love her instrument.
— Abby P, Berkeley, CA
I feel lucky to have found Emily. I am an adult flute student - I know something about music and have played the oboe extensively, but am new to the flute. I was self-conscious about my lack of ability and wanted to find a teacher that made me feel comfortable but also pushed me toward my goal of improving my ability to express myself musically on the flute. Emily keeps the lessons fun and relaxed while giving instruction, information, and direction. She pays excellent attention during the lesson, is patient, and has skilled and intuitive responses to what she is seeing and hearing. I can count on Emily to have helpful suggestions for any area that I am finding particularly challenging that week. Thank you for the lessons, Emily!
— Barbara S, Richmond, CA
Emily is a warm, patient and kind person, who has worked diligently with me in providing a useful bag of tricks to assist with breath control, embouchure, articulation, and tone. Her knowledge of the body and utilization of the Alexander Technique has provided me with the comfort I need to enjoy playing my flute!
— Tasha P, El Cerrito, CA
Emily is a delight as a teacher. Warm, committed, and infinitely patient, she manages to produce a new and encouraging improvement in my playing with every lesson. She makes you feel like a partner in an ongoing process of musical discovery, level after level after level; wonderful good luck to have found her.
— David R, Oakland, CA
We have four kids who have all studied instruments and Emily was the best teacher ever! She is kind and fun and patient but still expects a high caliber from her students. My daughter loved working with Emily and we compare all other teachers to her now. She organized a wonderful end of the year recital which showcased the kids’ achievements.
— Kate A, Amherst, MA