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Teaching Philosophy

Music is an expression of the creativity and vitality of life – anyone and everyone has the ability to communicate meaningfully through sound. In your lessons, we work together to unlock your potential as a flutist and to develop tools that will help you become the best musician you can be, including:

  • Exploring musical skills that help you increase your artistic and technical abilities.

  • Working to develop knowledge about music and the flute through the study of flute literature (solos, etudes, exercises, ensembles, etc.) and music from around the world.

  • Pursuing a healthy, integrated approach to practicing, including work with breathing, tone, articulation, and rhythm.

  • Developing your abilities to enjoy performance from both sides of the stage.

  • Having fun while pursing your musical and flute-playing interests!

The Picardy Thirds Flute Ensemble and their fabulous fruit shakers!

The Picardy Thirds Flute Ensemble and their fabulous fruit shakers!

We investigate these topics using as many of our senses as we can: hearing, sight, touch, the sense of how all the parts of you connect to make a whole, and the sense of how you connect to all the space around you. As your teacher I create a safe and engaging environment for you to explore how you and the flute can best make beautiful music.

I'm currently accepting flute students of all ages and abilities at my home studio. For more information about lesson scheduling and tuition or other questions, please contact me here.